Why Shiny Mind

Why Shiny Mind?

At Shiny Mind we are specialist coaches in resilience, authenticity, mindset, performance and impact. Our psychotherapeutic approach to our coaching and leadership programmes is unique as it is blended with a rare breed of psychotherapy NLPT. What this means is that we can deliver dramatic change in as little as three hours both individually and organisationally.

Traditional coaching and leadership development  often stay at a surface level and look at leadership behaviours, providing a sounding board, helping a transition into management and the persons work environment. Psychotherapeutic executive coaching and  leadership development  looks deeper into the why we behave as we do, provides insights into self, and explores our motivations and strategies which we hold in our mind and how they then in turn impact on our relationship dynamics, effectiveness and performance.

It gives CEOs, directors and management teams the chance to understand their unuseful strategies and eliminate them, the chance to rewrite their objectives and aims so they can get what they want and take their business and career to the next level.

It is both time efficient and cost efficient with recipients of this new style of coaching and leadership development reporting immediate results in terms of effectiveness at work and at home and more importantly a tangible link to the bottom line.

Psychotherapy does and should have a place in business and in the board room, those that embrace this style of coaching and leadership development are strong, courageous leaders who are on their own quest to be the best they can be and to have a business and career that is exciting, rewarding and successful. They want to understand why they are as they are, become more authentic and ditch limiting beliefs. A psychotherapeutic coaching approach to individual and team development is a deeply empowering, quick and effective approach to improving business for the time poor. Its use sees those that embark on it improve their pitching, presenting, personal impact, sales targets and revenue growth.