ShinyMind App

The ShinyMind App

The ShinyMind App rolls out the impact of our successful Resilience programme, added to other tailored resources for NHS staff, and also creates an interactive community to improve wellbeing and resilience for every member of staff. It can engage with and connect all staff within a Trust, proactively supporting their wellbeing 24/7, for 365 days a year.

The App has been co-designed with all levels of NHS staff groups who have attended the Resilience programme, including various specific staff groups including nursing and medical staff. This has enabled the creation of a wellbeing and resilience resource designed for everyone working in the NHS.

The co-production process has been undertaken alongside staff at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, which has also allowed the cultural DNA of a high performing organisation - Gold Investors in People and CQC Outstanding - to be distilled and incorporated into the App itself.

‘You said, we did’

All features have been co-designed by NHS staff for NHS staff, as we asked various staff groups at all levels what they would like to see on the ShinyMind APP:

Human touch with use of own name, with ‘Especially for me’ and ‘Getting to know me’ sections.

Emergency situations
Emergency Bell exercises, 5 mins to help when things are hard.

Gratitude journal to help look for the positives

Self-compassion - Kindness
Kindsight section to promote connection and support for self and others

journaling to be able to journal and notice

Positive messages
motivational daily messages sent at random

Photos and Music
cherished memories and Positivity Playlist to boost and quieten mood

Relaxing scenes and sounds
a Mood Bath with choice of scenery and sounds

Our coping skills
a Coping Well to share across the community our tips to cope better

A 5 mins daily activity
a diagnostic, mindset activity and suggestions based on your diagnostic

voice messages and Positivity Postswhich can be sent to individuals

awareness exercises so we know when things are going wrong

Life Compass, a reminder of what’s important and why we do what we do

Patient feedback – a Well of Positivity
to see the positive feedback from patients

to help understanding of self

Meditation and breathing
simple effective guided breathing and meditation exercises

Holistic/Whole person
things that work for home and work

diary tracking

Be able to use 24/7
access is private, confidential and can be used anywhere

Science behind it
A science button feature

Watch highlights from the launch of the ShinyMind App.

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