Shiny Mind App

Shiny Mind App

The ShinyMind App has been co-designed with all levels of staff groups within the NHS, so it is tailored to positively support staff in some of the most challenging and stressful jobs. By working with various specific staff groups, it has enabled the creation of a wellbeing and resilience resource designed for everyone working for every organisation which wants to support the daily wellbeing and resilience of their staff. In its first 6 months in an NHS Trust with 1400 staff, the ShinyMind App has used for 3,500 wellbeing sessions - within each session the user can access any of the 100+ activities and exercises available, a selection of which are detailed below, and their use by staff:

  • 2,811 Masterclasses - includes various self-help exercises and meditations)
  • 1,831 Gratitude posts - social shares, messaging, diary
  • 1,230 ‘SOS’ visits – breathing exercises, Positivity and Coping Wells, Mood Baths
  • 10,000+ Messages – Positivity Posts, Shout-Outs and Inspire Me posts

Does it help to know the APP is there if you need it?
100% of respondents said “Yes”

Has using the APP made you feel more positive or motivated?
90% of people asked said “Yes”

“The SOS section is great during a difficult situation- you can just access it on your break and pick the best Masterclass for you and your situation – helps you regain calm and confidence"

“I have recommended the App to colleagues who are showing signs of stress - afterwards they have reported it has helped a lot"

“Feels like you have an extra resource to call on during times of stress or worry – when someone sends you a message of support or thanks it makes you feel appreciated"

“Using meditation and mindful practice has changed my life, making me a more positive and calmer person, helping me control my emotions"

“It has improved my ability to recognise when I need to ask for help"

“Feel like help is at hand, boosts my confidence"

“I have a more positive outlook now coming into work which has been a big change in the last year, I have not had a full-blown anxiety attack in a long time"