Resilience Programme

Resilience programme

Resilience: Your Mindset; Your Choice is a practical, challenging and empowering mindset programme developed around a new psychotherapeutic model of change. To date delivered to 2000 employees with positive results - 98.89% of attendees have rated it ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’, 97.04% have said it has improved resilience, 96.3% that it has helped stress management, and 99.26% would recommend the programme to colleagues. Ongoing independent longitudinal research indicates impact is being sustained well beyond the programme, helping both work and home lives.

“Productivity has increased as I have renewed motivation and belief that I can address obstacles and move forwards"

“It has impacted positively on my stress levels and motivation"

“It’s given me strategies when situations have been difficult and the reasons why they have - it has had a big positive impact on my wellbeing"

“It has made a MASSIVE difference to me; I have been kinder on myself and happier. And I now have a better relationship with my line manager who I was able to talk to as a result of coming on the programme"

“It has increased my motivation and productivity and self-achievement. It has also helped me challenge negative behaviours and improved positivity and support within my team"

“Thanks to the programme I have now got my motivation and excitement back for work"