Leadership Programmes


Independent research into the long-term impact of our Platform programme on leadership behaviours has been undertaken in line with the national NHS Healthcare Leadership Model, which looks at how development programmes align with the ‘Nine Dimensions of Leadership Behaviour’. Using these Dimensions to research the long-term impact of the programme on leadership behaviours, delegates from three separate cohorts were selected to self–assess, firstly before undertaking the programme, and then six months after its completion.

Significant improvement in 8 of the 9 Dimensions was evident in delegates six months post-programme, notably in ‘Inspiring Shared Purpose’, ‘Sharing the Vision’ and ‘Influencing for Results’:

Inspiring Shared Purpose - 28% increase

Leading with Care - 20 % increase

Evaluating Information - 19% increase

Connecting our Service - 27% increase

Sharing the Vision - 40% increase

Engaging the Team - 19 % increase

Holding to Account - 26% increase

Influencing for Results - 45% increase

“This has been the most useful and productive 2 days of my 33 years of NHS service. Please do more of this for our aspiring NHS leaders. I would have loved this years ago!”

“It has been an amazing 2 days, which have changed my outlook on my life and professional standing”

“Fabulous two days full of energy, learning and challenge. Bec was amazing and despite two long days, I never felt any loss of focus or energy”

“Absolutely fantastic 2 days, will be recommending to others in my organisation and beyond”

“Incredible programme. I have learned so much about myself. I have learned how to be me. I can do this.”

“Best programme I’ve ever been on. Focused on me and my needs, and helped move me on to become a more inspiring and impactful leader”