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Leadership & Staff Programmes

Leadership Programmes


Independent research into the long-term impact of our Platform programme on leadership behaviours has been undertaken in line with the national NHS Healthcare Leadership Model, which looks at how development programmes align with the ‘Nine Dimensions of Leadership Behaviour’. Using these Dimensions to research the long-term impact of the programme on leadership behaviours, delegates from three separate cohorts were selected to self–assess, firstly before undertaking the programme, and then six months after its completion.

Significant improvement in 8 of the 9 Dimensions was evident in delegates six months post-programme, notably in ‘Inspiring Shared Purpose’, ‘Sharing the Vision’ and ‘Influencing for Results’:



Spotlight has been created in response to popular demand as an impactful 2 day residential programme which supports NHS talent in getting ready to step up to leadership positions, by developing their ability to personally influence and engage so they can inspire, negotiate and command their space.

As an identity level programme, Spotlight works as it’s based on personal values, individual style and what’s important to you in your work.



The i2i programme takes leaders through a facilitated reflective and interactive development journey over a two-and-a-half-day residential experience. The development allows leaders to unlock, harness and develop their own individual and collective leadership message of change.


Staff Programmes

Shiny Mind App

The ShinyMind App has been co-designed with all levels of staff groups within the NHS, so it is tailored to positively support staff in some of the most challenging and stressful jobs. By working with various specific staff groups, it has enabled the creation of a wellbeing and resilience resource designed for everyone working for every organisation which wants to support the daily wellbeing and resilience of their staff. In its first 6 months in an NHS Trust with 1400 staff, the ShinyMind App has used for 3,500 wellbeing sessions - within each session the user can access any of the 100+ activities and exercises available, a selection of which are detailed below, and their use by staff:

  • 2,811 Masterclasses - includes various self-help exercises and meditations)
  • 1,831 Gratitude posts - social shares, messaging, diary
  • 1,230 ‘SOS’ visits – breathing exercises, Positivity and Coping Wells, Mood Baths
  • 10,000+ Messages – Positivity Posts, Shout-Outs and Inspire Me posts


Resilience programme

Resilience: Your Mindset; Your Choice is a practical, challenging and empowering mindset programme developed around a new psychotherapeutic model of change. To date delivered to 2000 employees with positive results - 98.89% of attendees have rated it ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’, 97.04% have said it has improved resilience, 96.3% that it has helped stress management, and 99.26% would recommend the programme to colleagues. Ongoing independent longitudinal research indicates impact is being sustained well beyond the programme, helping both work and home lives.