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Psychotherapeutic Coaching Programmes

So how do I get a shiny mind or help make it shinier?

We start with what you do want, it’s empowering, it’s uplifting, it’s freeing and it’s life changing.

The attention is on you, one to one, we work at your pace, but we’re direct, we’re straight, we care, we’re confidential, we’re empowering.

We help you see the world not as you think it is but as you would want to see it.

We help you create the possible from the impossible and we help you do it quickly.... as who wants to wait...? Most of our clients are time poor so getting to an answer sooner rather than later is key.

Psychotherapeutic coaching is bright and enriching... it is the fuel that makes us and keeps us bright. It is why so many people that have been through a breakthrough session see us regularly every 6 months for a spring clean.

Shine Bright - Leadership psychotherapy for performance

Leadership psychotherapy is a powerful, transformative and efficient alternative to traditional executive coaching. By bringing psychotherapy into the world of leadership and coaching, leaders can experience a profoundly deeper exploration of self, in order to enhance their performance and resilience levels.

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Insight into self - leadership dynamic therapy

Being a leader can often be a lonely place - especially when you face difficult decisions, or unhelpful power dynamics in teams or boards.

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Stepping up

A lack of confidence, feeling like you have limited options in terms of influence and strategy or not knowing what your next move is in terms of career progression are things people will voice early in their careers but unfortunately not so much as they progress through or indeed become senior in an organization.

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Shiny Leaders

Shiny Leaders think of themselves as a brand and how they present, pitch and perfom creates their unique brand of leadership. It’s what gets them noticed and gives them their advantage.

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